Saturday, February 18, 2012

Party Planning

So we have officially axed the anniversary reception. I cannot, in good concience, spend multiple thousands of dollars on a party for myself (and really, it is for me, my husband could certainly not care LESS if we have this party or not) when I have three children to provide for. That being said, my party planning days are most definately NOT over. I have simply shifted gears to the more fun, and far cheaper, third birthday party for Tadpole. (If I ever cannot be a dietitian anymore, or if ever someone is willing to pay me, I will quit my job and plan children's birthday parties. Oh the fun.)

This year we are going for a Mickey Mouse theme, since the boy is ADDICTED to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As in, in need of an intervention addicted.

Would you like to see in pictures? I shall show..

Location (as mentioned before, I can NEVER, EVER plan an outdoor party in which I had ANYTHING to do with picking the date): Slater Park Loof Carousel in Pawtucket, RI

Cake: altered to have yellow gumballs around the layers instead of read beads of frosting, no bows, and a chocolate #3 on top.

Cupcakes: Black foil cupcake wrappers, white frosting, mickey mouse sprinkles, yellow gummy lifesavers, and red dum dums dipped in red sugar sprinkles.


And I am especially excited about the favors. I HATE giving away the bag o' garbage at birthday parties. It all ends up in the trash by the next day and it make my earth-loving green heart feel all slimely inside. Last year, I made Sesame Street crayon rolls. This year, Mickey Mouse bucket hats.

Oh, fun, fun, fun!


Pamela said...

You should go in to children's party planning. I think if you put out a few flyers, you'd be surprised by how many responses you receive.

Plus, it is something you seem to really enjoy. Go for it.

Lisa said...

I agree with Pamela! It all looks awesome!