Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. I think I will use this as a reflecting point...

I have two beautiful children. I mean gorgeous. They are smart (sometimes too smart), polite to adults, and love each other very much. I have a wonderful husband. We have been through good and bad together and have come through stronger. I have a trusty dog who licks my face and barks when strangers approach.

I have a wonderful group of friends. Some new, some old, some I spend hours with, some I have never met in person, all an addition to my life. I have hobbies that I enjoy - knitting, yoga, running, reading.

Tomorrow, I will celebrate these past 33 years - with cake, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, Cadbury eggs, diet Pepsi, and I will not count a single calorie. ;-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Story for Everyone's Amusement

Rhode Island has gotten a LOT of snow this winter. A LOT. I managed to avoid all snow-related disasters until this past week, when it wasn't even snowing. So here's the story...

Tadpole had been running some low-grade temps for a few days. He was cranky and generally not himself. And he was supposed to be starting day care the next week. On Friday his temperature was 100.2 - I knew that if I didn't call the pediatrician we'd either end up at the Emergency Room at 2 a.m. Sunday or he'd have a temperature of 104 Monday morning and be unable to start daycare.

After dropping Bear off at pre-school at 9 in the morning, I called the pediatrician's office. The secretary told me she'd have the nurse call me back to schedule an appointment. Now usually when the nurse calls me back she wants me to come in NOW. Like ten minutes ago. So I decided to head in that direction. A note: our pediatrician was Andrew's doctor when he was a kid. His office is on the other side of the bay, somewhere I don't spend a lot of time.

I made it to the pediatricians office before the nurse called so I decided to head to a park that I knew was nearby. I turned down what I thought was the road to the park. Not so much. What I turned down was a service road. A heavily unplowed service road that headed uphill towards a cleared parking area. My thinking was simple, drive up the hill, turn around and head back to the main road. BUT I never made it up the hill. My truck got stuck. I tried the turn the wheel, pull forward, turn the wheel, reverse, etc. trick but I was still stuck. I finally called AAA to come rescue me.

When AAA showed up they ended up having to attach a winch to my car and PULL me up the hill to the parking area. When I got turned around the AAA guy says to me, "Now that puddle at the bottom of the hill is probably a lot deeper now than when you came up here." (Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that it was POURING?) "Go as fast as you can through the puddle and I'll wait to make sure you get through it." Fantastic.

And to add insult to injury, the nurse called me back while I was waiting for AAA. They'd see me at 3:15pm that afternoon.