Friday, July 2, 2010


For those of you that have followed this for a while, you're probably thinking, hmmmm not much has changed. Well... in between the last time I recorded my weight and now I had Tadpole, lost a bunch of weight during the summer I was on maternity leave and then gained back every ounce once I went back to work. So here we go again, on the seemingly never ending quest for less of me.

This latest bout started with two seemingly inconsequential events. First, we hired a new dietitian at work. Besides being the thinnest healthy person I think I have ever met, she said something that really made me think. We were discussing how to determine an obese patients calorie needs. I said I usually use the adjusted body weight, a mid point between the persons ideal body weight for height and their current weight. K said she just uses their ideal weight because she doesn't believe in "feeding what isn't supposed to be there". Hmmmm....

Also, I fried my Blackberry. I tried downloading Google Maps straight from the Google web site instead of from the Blackberry apps site. According to the people at Verizon, I deleted the operating system of my phone (whatever that means). When I asked if there was anything they could do to fix it they asked if they could interest me in a new phone. Ooops. I ended up getting a Droid (LOVE it!!!) and downloaded an app (from the Droid app market!) called Calorie Counter. The data base has EVERYTHING. I can even scan the bar code of a food package using the phone's camera and the program finds the food and adds it to my day's food diary. I've been limiting my calories to ~1500 calories/day. Having my phone with me all day has made it amazingly easy and I have done really well.

The overall goal is 125, but at this point, I'll take progress, no matter the form.