Friday, August 20, 2010



And if I could figure out how to make that Jimmy Buffet song play while you read this, I would. But alas, you'll just have to click the link and play the song in a different window yourself.

My good friend Sara's baby girl is turning one later this month. For quite some time now, I have been working on a Cabled Baby Raglan as her birthday present. I was very knitterly-responsible with this project. I used yarn from my stash (gasp!) and even knit and re-knit a gauge swatch (double gasp!). A gauge swatch though, is USELESS if the swatcher can't add. Which apparently I had forgotten how to do that day, since 14+14 DOES NOT equal 24. So I have been KILLING MYSELF knitting with DK COTTON on SIZE ONE'S only to turn my 18-24 month sized sweater into a 3-6 month sized sweater. Grr.

Luckily for me, everyone I know seems to be pregnant (including Sara) so someone out there will be opening this lovely cardigan at their baby shower. Act surprised.

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Lisa said...

I officially need that JB song on my iPod. I'm sure that SF has it since she owns everything he has ever put out...

I feel your pain with the swatch challenge...good thing even this kind of "mistake" can be used for a new baby....questions is now what will you make instead?