Saturday, February 6, 2010

His First Love

Pattern: Apple Hat by Susan B. Anderson and Thumbless Toddler Mitts by Bethany McRae
Yarn: Aslan Trends Del Cerro
Begun: 2/2/2010
Finished: 2/6/2010
Notes: My friend Sara has been watching Tadpole for me twice a week since I went back to work. She also watches another little boy twice a week for another friend. Last week that boy brought her daughter a "My First Valentine's Day" bib. She made sure to tell Tadpole that the other boy was moving in on his girlfriend while I was within earshot. Well, I told her that Tadpole would NEVER give such an impersonal, store bought gift. ;-) Which of course meant that I had to make something quickly. Tuesday afternoon I needed a little retail (fiber) therapy and I found the most amazingly soft wool. Del Cerro by Aslan Trends might be my new favorite yarn. Anyway, it comes in the most perfect little girl pink so I picked up a hank, gauged it, and used Ravelry to find an appropriate pattern. (Which by the way is my new favorite way of knitting. Gauge out my yarn and then choose a pattern.) I thought the plain pick hat needed something so I broke out my needle felting tools (last years Christmas gift) and used them for the first time on this hat. It took a while to perfect my technique but I think it came out pretty good.


Me said...

OMG! AWE!!! I LOVE IT!!! And so will she! Wait till her Daddy sees lol

Carrie Penny said...

I swear! Where were the boys with knitting mothers when I was little!! That is just way too cute!