Thursday, May 28, 2009


Bear and I joined Andrew on an overnight work trip to Vermont. We drove up last night and home tonight. (Note to self: If I am ever 37 weeks pregnant again DO NOT plan a four hour car trip two days in a row.)

Bear was most impressed with the hotel. She walked into the bathroom and giggled hysterically upon seeing the bathtub. She thought it was great that there were two beds AND a couch all in the same room. And there was a little refrigerator just for her. It also helped that one of the hotel personnel gave her a package of Oreo's at breakfast.

While Andrew worked, Bear and I toured the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. We got there shortly after they opened for the day, so there were a total of four people on our tour - meaning Bear got to press all the buttons and play with all the samples. And she got a lot of her requisite one on one attention from our fantastic tour guide (thanks Gina!).

Her favorite part was the teddy bear hospital. Especially the example of what happens when you leave your Bear outside and Daddy runs over it with the lawn mower.

After the teddy bear tour it was pouring out so we scrapped our plans (outdoor gardens)and visited a toy store, book store, and a LYS. Bear got sparkly gold dress up shoes and I got some Rowan Organic Cotton. Then we went to get Daddy at work and Bear got to "help".

On the way home we stopped at an amazing restaurant in Manchester, NH. (I am the queen of picking out good places to eat based solely on the list generated by the GPS.)

During the drive (when I wasn't squirming to find a comfortable position) I managed to make another cabled baby bib for yet another colleague of Andrew's and to make some progress on Tadpole's blanket.

22 days and counting.

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ponyknit said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I do agree with your memo, must have been interesting at times. Cool stop/tour for Bear. I especially love her "work" outfit and pics.