Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shocked and Awed

Bear had her first visit to the dentist today. You may remember this trip to the pediatrician. With that in mind I had steeled myself for a complete horror show. Spitting, biting, restraints, I was ready.

But she was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

First off, I have to say that the hygienist, Trish, was great. I guess being a pediatric dentist practice and all they would know just how to handle kids but she was great with Bear. First she showed her to her special princess lounge chair. Then Trish let her see and touch each of the tools she would be using. She sprayed Bear's hair with air. Then shot water out the window, then at Mommy, and finally in Bear's mouth. Then "Mr. Thirsty" sucked a pool of water out of Bear's hand. Then her mouth. When Trish put the head of the chair back there was a mirror positioned directly above so Bear could see what was going on. When she had to turn on the overhead light, Trish gave her sunglasses to wear. She let Bear pick what color tooth brush (pink), what flavor tooth paste (bubble gum), and what flavor fluoride (cherry) to use. She was able to keep Bear involved and therefore relaxed.

For all my fears, she was amazing. She didn't flinch or even complain. Not even when they flossed her teeth. The hygienist told me that they have older kids who don't do that well. I was stunned.

Then came the prizes. A pink plastic car (that lost its wheels 10 seconds into the car ride home), a hippopotamus sticker, and a pink balloon longer than Bear. (Pictures tomorrow, once the princess wakes from her beauty sleep!)

We called Grandma the second we got in the car to tell her how wonderful Bear had been. Grandma had played dentist all day Tuesday with her, which I think played a big part in how receptive Bear had been to this new experience. Grandma confirmed my thoughts that such an amazing display deserved a trip to the toy store. (Not something I would usually condone, but a three year old, being a perfect angel at the dentist, consider it a grateful sacrifice to the gods.) After looking over the dolls, and jump ropes, and various musical instruments at Target she chose... a Dora scooter. More sacrifice than I had planned on, but when you say "any toy you want" I guess you had better be prepared to suffer the consequences.

We came home, Mommy muddled her way through the Diego directions that came with the scooter (clearly I chose the repackaged one) and we went for a scooter ride to the park. I am just so darn proud of my little girl today.


JustApril said...

WOW - the toy store was a good idea. =) Isn't it great when you are braced for "MONSTER" and get "SWEET HEART"?

Lisa said...

What a wonderful idea! I will have to remember that for Zoe!

Jennifer said...

That's amazing. I'm glad you had such a good experience!

Jill L said...

Glad to hear of her positive experience. I'm a dental hygienist, so I can appreciate it!