Monday, May 18, 2009

Bridal Shower

Bear came with me yesterday morning to pick out a bridal shower gift for a co-worker of mine. I chose two beautiful crystal water goblets off her registry. Bear was not impressed with the registry. Nor was she impressed with the other practical gifts I tried to point her towards. (Boring! I wish I could capture in print the attitude and disgust in her voice.) I managed to talk her out of the microwave and the hot pink fly swatter but I lost the war.

In front of all her aunts, cousins, friends, and bridesmaids "Miss Jen" opened a box of 100-calorie pack Sour Patch Kids and a matching box of 100-calorie pack Swedish Fish.

At least it wasn't wrapped in Hannah Montana paper.


JustApril said...

I remember shopping with my mom at that age - there was nothing that impressed me, I just wanted to go home - lol

Miss Me said...

you never know - the bride might need that sugar rush on the wedding day!