Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5K

This past weekend was the Rhode Island Dietetics Association's annual Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5K. I volunteered at the raffle table with another dietitian from my hospital while Andrew took Bear to the kids fun run and then the obstacle course.

I got to watch her run the fun run. Definitely my child. She came in dead last in her heat, by about 10 yards (it was a 50 yard run). Well, not dead last. She did manage to beat the 18-month old who couldn't quite walk on her own and had two adults holding her hands as she chased after the rest of the kids.

This is from the obstacle course (can you tell Daddy was in charge of hair and wardrobe Saturday?)

On the knitting front, I actually am knitting. I've just been working on a felted purse for a swap so I can't really show pictures or whine about the pattern and my utter stupidity at reading said pattern as I forced myself to completely knit this one purse twice.

I also have some great Easter egg dying pictures to share as soon as I get electronic copies.


Lisa said...

Even if daddy was in charge of the wardrobe...she looks like she was having fun. Can't wait to see the "secret" bag pictures and the Easter ones too! How's the Tadpole?

Aunt Kathy said...

Even when momma does hair after a fun run I bet it would have looked like that anyway

Bravo to Dad too for doing all that. My husband never did when my kids were young