Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Learn Something New Every Day

So, despite all my WIP's languishing about I decided to start making a baby blanket for Tadpole. I made Bear a blanket when I was pregnant with her (though I swore it would be my last ever) so Tadpole needs his (?her) own blanket too. I saw this blanket in Itty Bitty Nursery while hanging out at Borders the other day and being the poor frugal knitter that I am I put the book back on the shelf at Borders and picked it up off the shelf at my local library.

I love, love, love this blanket. I'm using Bernat Organic Cotton which feels incredibly soft and drapes wonderfully. (I'm sure the Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton the pattern calls for is lovely too but it isn't machine washable. Hello - baby blanket.) I've finished one plain stockinette square and started the striped square today. The stripe pattern calls for three rows of each color per stripe. Three? I'm not weaving in all those ends. BUT you use a circular needle and the "sliding" technique. I've never heard of that before. It is so cool and very clearly explained here.

How have I never heard of this before? Three rows is the PERFECT stripe pattern (at least in this case) and I don't have to weave in a million ends. Brilliant.


Carrie Penny said...

There is another pattern that uses the slide method for eachrow to do a reversible cable it is on Knitty Gritty. I haven't tried it, there haven't been any babies I knew about in enough time to send a gift for... I am dying to try it though. I think it would make a lot of patterns easier.

Lisa said...

I love how you find things I need to learn too! With Baby Zoe on the way, now I have a reason to try this on a small scale! I can't wait to see Tadpole's blanket!