Saturday, December 6, 2008


As anyone who has ever lived with me will attest to, I am the worst sick person on this planet.

I am achy, tired, my nose is leaking, and my face hurts. I hate being sick. And to make it even worse - I can't take anything, except Tylenol. I might as well take Skittles - they taste better and have essentially the same effect.

Sleep is virtually impossible since I can barely breathe sitting straight up. (See why I'm a bad sick person? Can you hear the whine?)

I hate being sick.


Sara said...

My husband is vomiting in the bathroom right now from three year old beer my dad gave us last week....he had about a can and a half before we figured it out and Ben was keeled over.

So someone knows how being sick sucks. LOVE YOU

Aunt Kathy said...

I've been sick for a month. I am whining right along with you

Jennifer said...

That stinks! I'm trying desperately not to get sick for at least the next 11 days.