Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Dance

Andrew and I got married six years ago on top of a mountain in New Hampshire. Everyone who asks will hear the same response... it was the best decision of my life. We saved ourselves thousands of dollars and had the wedding of our dreams.

Whenever my friends are in the wee weeks before the big day, stressing out about the final seating plan and dealing with last minute glitches they always turn to me and say, I should have done what you did. I always laugh.

There's only one thing I have ever regretted. Andrew and I never got our first dance. We never got to dance to our song, just us. Of course, we've danced together to that song at every wedding we've been to for the past six years. Our close friends always make sure that "our song" is on the absolute must play list. We simply harass the DJ at acquaintance's weddings. :-)

Last night, Sara changed that. After all the traditional wedding dances Sara got up in front of the room and started with something along the lines of "When my good friend Megan got married on top of mountain six years ago..." I didn't hear the rest. What I did hear was the opening chords of True Companion by Marc Cohen.

Andrew and I finally had our first dance. I'm crying just writing about it.

Thank you.


Sjrebello said...

I would do anything for you.

I love you.

It was the best gift I could think of....after the awesome knitting bag of course. ;)

Lisa said...

Now I'm all teary eyed too. what a beautiful gesture for Sara to be able to give this gift to the two of you.

ponyknit said...

Beautiful. A true friend. ::hugs::

Jennifer said...

How amazingly sweet.

Jen said...

I am teary too.

That is really beautiful and wonderful.

Aunt Kathy said...

Sara you are awesome. What a blessing to have friends that "get it" I like the others have tears of joy and happiness.

Jill L said...

OMG I got all teary-eyed just reading about it -- how wonderful!