Sunday, October 26, 2008

Princess Party

So Bear will be three next week - can you believe it?!? On one hand, I feel like I gave birth yesterday. On the other, she is so incredibly grown up. She says the funniest things, especially when she is talking back (with attitude). Andrew and I find ourselves laughing hysterically on a daily basis, though we try to wait until she leaves the room, discipline being totally undermined by hysterical laughter and all.

Yesterday we had her third birthday extravaganza party, hosted at her gymnastics school. I convinced two of the nurses that I work with that it would be FUN to dress up like princesses and come play with three-year-olds on their day off. Amazingly, they actually showed up. Bear was a little afraid of them at first, but that wore off quickly, and soon she was bellowing for the princesses to follow her all over the gym.

The party was a big hit with kids and adults alike. Really, what's not to like about trampolines and soft mats? A friend of mine made a Cinderella cake which was amazing. Bear seemed a little confused about it, but she remembered how to blow out the candles!

She got about a gazillion presents - she didn't even open them, she was too busy playing with Cinderella and Snow White, so I opened them and tried to get her to at least look at them and acknowledged the people that gave them to her.

Andrew and I got her the Little Tykes Kid Tough Digital Camera. (And her Sissy gave her a photo printer - yes, my three year old got a digital camera and a photo printer for her birthday.) She uses Andrews old cell phone to take pictures all the time, so we knew the camera would be a hit. Well, today the weather was gorgeous, so we went for a bike ride on the (almost connected) bike path. Bear started her photography career with some actually, not so bad, pictures.


Lisa said...

Wow, it does seem like yesterday....Happy Birthday Bear!

And I love the camera idea! Beware, that is how Munchkin began her journey in life...with a Fisher Price 110 camera. Bear's shots are great so far!

Carrie Penny said...

I love the party idea! That is just so cute! I like the idea of kids with cameras! It is one thing to have your memories of them growing up, but now she will have hers in photos too.

Jennifer said...

I think Bear is a better photographer than I am... LOL

Shanna said...

She has a great eye!! Happy Birthday Bear!!!!