Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things To Do Before Opening Ceremonies

1. Finish two of the three PIF gifts I have left.
2. Make progress on the third PIF gift.
3. Swatch Hip in Hemp.
4. Finish uploading the rest of my stash onto Ravelry.
5. Find somewhere to take two two-year olds tomorrow where they can play and I can knit.


Aunt Kathy said...

Ok please tell me how you manage to get the lines to cross out words... I have been trying to figure that out for months, lol

It's Friday now, I am wondering if you got the rest crossed off.

Miss Me said...

the only way that i will ever get my stash entirely uploaded to ravelry is if i take some vacation time alone... (note to self: encourage husband to go on a business trip once the kids are back at school. this may be the reason that i'm hoarding vacation days?!)