Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've actually had two "Eureka!" moments this week...

First, after locking myself in solitary confinement for about an hour, I finally was able to get past row four of this lace pattern. There's a few mistakes here and there, but I'm hoping that blocking will even some of those out.

The beginning of Seascape.

Second, I've found an exercise I truly love. This past Christmas my MIL gave me an Amazon gift card which I used to buy this bike seat. We finally tried it out this past week and both Bear and I LOVE it! The seat sits in front of me, so it adds to my center of gravity instead of taking away from it. Also, Bear gets to see all the scenery instead of staring at my back the whole time. Right now we're just taking short rides so I can build up my stamina - Bear yells "Faster Mama!" every time we hit a hill - but I can't wait to go on longer rides with her. Especially this fall, the air will be cool and imagine how gorgeous the bike path will be when the leaves change. Oooh I can't wait.


Lisa said...

I wish that seat had been available when Munchkin and Trouble were little! Enjoy! Can't wait to see the lace in all its glory!

Aunt Kathy said...

That is awesome, I can see lots of great bike rides in your future. Helps with the toning too, huh?

I am glad you conquered the lace too.

Miss Me said...

GREAT bike seat! i just got my bike cleaned up after a few years of inactivity and have been once again loving riding with my boys.