Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're on the fast track

to parenting hell.

Bear has had this hacking cough since I got back from DC. Friday night she woke us up at about 2am complaining that her forehead hurt. When I picked her up she was burning up - the thermometer showed her temperature to be 103.0F (39.4C for you Canadians). I have been on the phone with the pediatrician's answering service all weekend. They didn't think anything sounded urgent enough for her to be seen in the Emergency Room over the weekend but said I should definitely bring her in on Monday.

Here's where we failed. I have been away from the hospital for week and a half. Andrew's company is in crisis mode and he had a major meeting at 10am. We gave her cough syrup and ibuprofen and sent her to day care hoping she'd hold out until after Andrew's meeting. (Which she did by the way... when we finally got her to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon her temp was perfectly normal at 98.3F - 36.8C - and she coughed like twice the entire time the doctor was with her.) Final diagnosis: croup and a left ear infection.

Um, croup? Hello?

So now it is the crack of dawn Tuesday morning and we are on our second Mickey Mouse episode of the day while she licks the Sour Patch kids my Summer of Yarn Love Swap pal sent. Yup, parenting hell, here we come. At least all our mommy and daddy friends will be there too.

In other update-ish type of news I received TWO fantastic packages in the mail in the past couple of days. First, ponyknit sent me my Pay It Forward gift - some really pretty stitch markers she made.

And yesterday, my first Summer of Yarn Love package arrived. It was CHOCK FULL of Knit Picks yarn in my favorite colors. First a Renaissance Sampler - it came with six skeins of different yarns (Comfy, Cotlin, Shine Sport, Crayon, Shine Worsted, and Main Line) and instructions for five quick projects. She also included three balls of Andean Silk in Olive. On the non-yarn side, she included a bag of Sour Patch Kids, my favorite, which Bear is currently eating (but just the red ones, she leaves all the other colors for me) and three Yankee Candles in fresh summer scents - Sun & Sand, Island Spa, and Ocean Water. The candles made the box smell SO good when opened.

Thank you swap pals!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, poor Bear! And poor you! I hope she's feeling better soon.

Miss Me said...

just getting caught up on some blog reading, but since we're heading to the same destination - i'll see you there!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Oh, I hope Bear feels better soon. Hang in there, all of you!

Carrie Penny said...

Parenting can be trying at times I hear... I apparently was the loudest baby ever w/ coughing crying and everthing else under the sun. I hope the ear infection goes away soon though!

I love your package though! I looked up the Ren. sampler pack, I may have to order one for myself. I even like the patterns they have for trying them out!

Jill L said...

Sounds like a rough weekend -- I hope she's feeling better and that the parents are recovering as well. You love those sour patch kids don't ya? I think I sent you a big bag when I was a swap partner. BTW I feel the same way anout Hot Tamales!