Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am the worst swap partner ever

or the best, depending on how patient you are.

My final swap packages routinely arrive days or even weeks after they are due. BUT the guilt I feel about that can be quantified by the amount of stuff I, well, stuff into that final box.

So my SITMT partner is FINALLY going to receive her final package. And I can finally start knitting (and blogging about knitting) again. See, I can't just start the sock or turn the heel in the five minute incriments I usually use to knit - you know when Bear is playing in the tub or while Andrew is driving us somewhere. But since I wasn't working on the socks, and I was feeling guilty about not working on the socks, I wasn't really working on anything.

Phew, am I glad that's over.

Now, as for my (pitaful) contest. I'm amending it. Four points to anyone who sent me a story (or sends me a story), four points for a picture, one point for a comment, one for sending someone here. Ends 5/23/08 when I check my comments. Prize will be some NH Knitting Mama hand dyed

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