Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Have I Been?!?!

I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post... sorry everyone!

This past week has been crazy - Wednesday, there were torrential downpours and my car decided that it had had enough, in the middle of merging between two lanes on a major highway during rush hour while taking Bear to the pediatrician. I was OK, but my husband was freaking out that someone was going to rear end me with the baby in the car (which started to freak me out) but luckily AAA made me a priority due to my crappy location and the fact that I had Bear with me. We both made it home safely. Bear gave our tow truck driver a pop and got rewarded with Sour Patch Kids for her fantastic good behavior.

The next morning, Bear woke up with pink eye - where the hell did she get that?!? So I called out of work and rescheduled all my outpatients. I got a lot of cleaning done and made some progress on my SITMT socks.

Friday night, my friend Sara and I took the kids to see Elmo Live. It was fantastic. They were spellbound and loved every second of it - well seemed to anyway. And they reminded us just how hysterical two-year-olds can be. Bear was hogging the popcorn, so Mr. Magoo (Sara's son) kept taking huge handfuls and stuffing popcorn into his mouth. Then he just decided to dump a pile ON THE FLOOR and EAT from it. During the intermission, Bear was licking the railing (eeww!!!). I wish I had a picture of Bear's face when she tried cotton candy for the first time. She couldn't spit it out fast enough. As we were leaving, Mr.Magoo helped himself to someones leftovers from a paper plate on the floor (eeww, eeww, ewww!!!!).

On Sunday, Andrew and I took my boy cousins to a Providence Bruins game. My cousins on my dad's side are all 12 years old or younger - instead of actual Christmas gifts this year, we got the boys hockey tickets and the girls tickets to a play in Providence later this spring. The game was fantastic. The P-Bruins won with one minute left in overtime. We ate lots of stadium food and even managed to take home a few souvenirs.

Monday, Bear and Squirt (my step daughter) played all day. Squirt is 11 and a fabulous big sister. Bear insisted on playing "Horsie" for most of the afternoon. She also convinced her "Sissy" to paint her toenails and fingernails. Squirt let Bear pick out the colors for her own toes and fingers, so I think Squirt went to school with blue and purple nails the next day. I took a really heartwarming picture of Squirt painting Bears nails and then deleted it by accident. There has to be a way to retrieve that right?

This morning, hubby brought Bear to day care early in the morning and my aunt picked me up and brought me to work two hours later. I had TWO HOURS to myself. It was amazing. I did my hair, put make-up on, and even made myself a matching necklace and earrings before going to work. My car is fixed (a relatively inexpensive procedure - yippee!) and I get to pick it up tomorrow morning so guess what - another TWO HOURS to myself. What to do? Perhaps just sit on the floor and enjoy the peaceful quiet.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like happy times over there in your world. 8) You're last SITMT package is quickly finishing up.

Lisa said...

I'm exhausted just reading all about all of this. I'm glad that the car was an easy fix. I love AAA. Enjoy those two hours. They are precious commodities. I can't wait to see some knitting from is always beautiful....good vibes from Texas headed your way for a much better week next week.