Monday, February 4, 2008

The Best Part of Superbowl Sunday

Sunday afternoon our LYS had it's annual Superbowl Sunday Sale - save 40% between 12-1, 30% 1-2, and 20% between 2-3, plus special all-day sales. It's a small shop with only one cash register so the line takes a l-l-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-g-g-g time. (The owners are really good about noting who was in line by 1:00pm so that you still get a good deal.)

Anyway... while standing in line there was a lot of Ravelry chit chat and talk about upcoming RI knitting events, including one being planned at another LYS. I told the group that I'm in there all the time since I work at the hospital nearby. The woman in front of me whipped around and said "No way! I work there too!" (Now, in my defense, I thought she looked familiar but RI is a small place and I could have just passed her in the mall for the last 29 years.) This afternoon, I walked into the fitness class that the hospital sponsers for employees and guess who was there! How funny is that?

Someone in line asked if I was Grape Monkey (or something like that) on Ravelry and I said no, I'm Meganlynn. The people in line had no idea who I was until I told them they wouldn't recognize me from my avatar since it's my daughter and I smooshed together. Then everyone knew who I was.

In addition to meeting some great RI Ravelrs, I got some great yarn and a new book - Lace Style. I've never knit lace before but I want to try it and this book has some beautiful projects.


Jill L said...

Wow what a small world! I tend to run into kniiters at the same events. They're having abig Raverly meet-up at Stitches West in a few weeks -- should me fun to put names with faces!

KSee said...

It is such a small world. The 6 degrees of separation seem to work in whatever situation we are in.

Lisa said...

Cool sale! I was glued to the TV, so if there were sales any where I would have never known....

Funny how life can do that to you when you least expect.