Sunday, January 6, 2008


I know, I know, stop procrastinating should be on the list too. :-)

1. Eat two pieces of fruit every day.
2. Limit eating out to three times a week - breakfast with Bear and at least once with Andrew.
3. Finish all my WIP's (really!).
- the honeymoon cami
- mittens for my MIL
- Piggle hat x 2
- Roundabout leaf tank
- Rowan flame - both of them
- Back to School U-Neck Vest
4. Finish a few projects from my que, possibly...
- baby surprise jacket
- striped vest (my own pattern)
- striped hoodie (my own pattern)
- socks
5. Finish two projects from stash for every one project purchased
6. Work out at the gym at least five days a week
7. Wear my retainers every single night
8. Laugh with Bear every day
9. Have a weekly date with Andrew - even if it's only movie night after Bear goes to bed
10. Do my paperwork at work daily instead of letting it pile up for two months


Jennifer said...

Good for you! I may or may not make resolutions this year...still deciding.

Lisa said...

Good for you! I agree that I need to get mine on line where I can be held accountable. I too want to finish or frog ALL of my UFO's and WIP's.

SITMT pal said...

You've got a great list of things to accomplish in '08. Good luck sticking to them all!

I'm getting ready to begin working on your socks and I need some information from you - like foot measurements.