Monday, December 10, 2007

The Most Un-Relaxing Eye Pillow Ever

Bear's eye pillow is done. (yippee!) The knitting part was finished weeks ago, I've just been putting off sewing the inner pouch needed to fill the pillow. Exhibit A:

The bain of my existence.

The pouch and tea.

The finished pillow (action shots tomorrow, I promise!).

Pattern: My own... ribbed edging, cables on the top side, plain stockinette stitch on the bottom, sewn together and stuffed with a pouch made from scraps of the non-maternity skirt. I filled the pouch with tea.
Yarn: Catalina Alpaca in an atrocious pink
Begun: 11/18/07
Finished: 12/10/07

Now Bear is requesting a PINK Tibetan singing bowl. A) They don't come in pink. B) They cost a fortune. WHY did I get her those !@#$% yoga DVD's?


Channon said...

SNOL!! One of the reasons I haven't made my own eye pillow is the sewing. See, I can't. Not won't or don't, but CANNOT operate the ding-dang thing. I need to watch for the community classes thingee to show up in my mailbox, so I can find a sewing class and learn how to use the machine I've owned for almost 13 years now.

Jen said...

I'm sorry a singing bowl?! Those DVD's sound hilarious... you're daughter, the guru.

Jen said...

ha! english major. Your daughter. Not you are daughter.

Lisa said...

Wow! Bear has more adult wishes than most adults! I love the eye pillow. Might just make me drag out the machine again....

~Tonia~ said...

How very grown up. LOL

The eye pillow looks great.