Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knit one, Frog two

Knitting is supposed to be cathartic right? The rhythmic, repetitive motion soothing the jagged edges of another snowstorm in December. Peace, comfort, and joy all year long. A creative outlet to your scientific, just the facts 'mam job.

Then, your count comes up wrong. And you realize you missed a mirrored increase and have been purling the knits and knitting the purls for at least 80 stitches. So you switch to another project. This is why you always have more than one WIP going right? You swatched this project almost exactly two years ago and haven't touched it since. But amazingly, you took really good notes, and after re-reading the pattern, you pick it up with no problems whatsoever. Until, you realize that after the first six rows of ribbing, you forgot to switch to the needles two sizes up. So you toss that to the wayside, vowing to knit at least six more rows before 2010. Then you start rummaging around, randomly plucking hanks of this and that out of your stash, madly cruising the Internet and crawling under furniture looking for a pattern you know you photocopied sometime in the late 80s. By this point you are so irritated you desperately need to sit and knit something but then you remember what started this nightmare in the first place and you end up turning a $45 hank of custom dyed alpaca into a garter stitch scarf. Grrrr!

How many garter stitch scarves have you made this season?


NH Knitting Mama said...

Oh, this post is TOO TRUE! You captured this whole scenario perfectly!

Miss Me said...

that is kind of scary! we can all relate to that just a little too easily i think... garter stitch scarves? NONE! roll brim hats? that's a secret... ; )

Jennifer said...

Bwah! I have definitely had those days...I'm currently in a phase where I decide to frog the sweater I'm wearing. It's happened twice in the last month!

Lisa said...

Bingo! That's exactly why I have 13 UFO's at the moment. I will not admit to any scarf or hat projects without being under the influence of some mind altering substance..... ;)