Thursday, December 27, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone!

This was Bear's first Christmas that she had any idea what was going on, so of course our camera broke Christmas morning. You'll have to take me word for it when I tell you that Christmas morning was one of the most breathtaking experiences I have ever had. Bear could barely contain her excitement when she saw that Ho Ho Claus had eaten the milk and cookies we left out. It was so, I don't even know the word, amazing, heartwarming, to watch her jump up and down and giggle at the sight of the empty plate.

The pink bowl (purchased on ebay for a reasonable price and spray painted pink) was, of course, a huge hit. She carried it everywhere we went Christmas day and has played with it all day today. She also loves her Cozy Coupe - which I don't think was meant to be an indoor toy, but since she won't get out of it long enough for me to carry it outside - the car now lives in her room and sleeps in the kitchen. I think the temptation to climb out of bed and play all night would be just too much for Bear to pass up. (Ah yes, Bear has graduated to a toddler bed.)

And since I know I'm boring you all to death, one last Bear story... Her grandmother (who she calls Tatta - I have no idea) gave her an Elmo dust pan and broom. This afternoon, my husband walked into the kitchen to find her dumping her macaroni and cheese all over the kitchen floor just so she could sweep it up.

I hope your Christmas was as magical as mine.


~Tonia~ said...

LOL Don't you just love this age?!

Miss Me said...

aaahhh... i'm lucky that both of my boys still believe. i hope that this is just the first of many magical christmases for you and your family.

chanknits said...

What fun stories! No one was bored; tell more, please?

Lisa said...

No way was anyone bored! Trouble and Munchkin still enjoy Christmas with us almost that much. "Santa" still brings thenm stuff and it goes into a BIG gift bag.....I'm sorry that the camera broke, because I would have loved to share the pictures with you.