Thursday, November 29, 2007

More questions from you-know-who

My sock it to me pal has some more questions for me (this is so much fun!) -

Do you prefer solid or variegated yarn?
Can I say sort of both? I like the look of hand dyed yarn - subtle color variations instead of big blotches of different colors.

List three patterns you have been salivating over but just haven't gotten around to
1. The Gym Slip Dress from Knit 2 Together
2. Ballet Wrap
3. Grecian Plait

List 3 sock patterns you have been drooling over
1. Over the Knee Socks
2. Crosshatch Lace
3. Cable net


Lisa said...

Wow! I haven't evern heard from my spoiler yet..... :(

I love the answers. I have been wanting to make a Dove wrap for so long....I might have to make that one...

SITMT pal said...

Weeeeeeee!!! We appear to have similar taste in sock patterns..... mmmmmmm..... how delicious! I must add the second two to my own list. (The first sock pattern link is not working for me.)

Be keeping an eye out for for a little survival sock package to help get you through the holidays!!!