Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series Vest

Finished last night in the middle of the sixth inning, after which, I switched to a straight knit-in-the round piece that required no thought whatsoever. Those in New England who watched the Red Sox give up their six to nothing lead will understand why this was necessary.

Anyway, while the measurements of the World Series Vest are technically correct - the underarm to hip length does not take into account Bear's tremendous belly. Anyone need a Christmas gift for a two-year old not shaped like Santa Claus? I've tinkered with the idea of knitting up two more inches of ribbing and attaching it to the bottom, but I'm just not sure yet. Any suggestions?

World Series Vest

Pattern: My own, created with the help of Sweater Wizard 3.0
Yarn: 1 1/2 skeins Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in color #101 Red
Size: 21"
Begun: 10/25/07
Finished: 10/27/07

Aside from not being long enough to cover Bear's belly, I love it.

I also picked up Big Girl Knits & Mason Dixon Knitting at the library on the way to work yesterday. I'm hoping the short rows tutorial in Big Girl Knits will make it all clear so I can make some progress on my Back to School Vest tonight. Unless this series lasts all 7 games, with about 30 innings per game, I don't think my Cozy V-Neck sweater is going to get started, much less completed. Ah, such delusional thoughts of grandeur when I make my knitting plans.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Do more ribbing, or frog up and do more ss... then add the ribbing back on. I think once you get the bind off row undone, it won't take long to frog and re-knit. Game 4 tonight, so you'll have something to knit to.

Anonymous said...

It looks so cute! I hope you figure out how to fix it so that she can wear it. :) Good color choice, too! :)


Jennifer said...

I guess that V-neck won't get worked on, will it? :)

I agree with NHKnitter--or you could add fringe, if Bear is the type who can handle fringe. lol

Yarn Devil said...

I think I would add more ribbing.. a lot of sweaters out there now have long ribbing along the bottom... and that would hold it in so there are no drafts up the back. Cold kidneys are no fun.
Looks good, Will be neat to see how you fix it up.