Friday, October 26, 2007

Rockies 0 games/Red Sox 2 games. And in other news....

Jill's Fall Into Autumn dishcloth swap box arrived today & not only do I love it, Bear now loves swaps too! She has claimed the pencil & cookies and she put up a strong showing in the wrestling match over the (not pictured a.k.a. hidden) sour patch kids.

The booty.

Though I love everything (the Peaches & Cream yarn is gorgeous fall colors that my camera somehow failed to capture, I've been ogling those lantern moon key chains, and I'm torn whether or not to use my Italy-souvenir notepad now or save it for something very special) my favorite piece has to be this:

Halloween clay pot turkey.

Does no one proof read anymore?!? What exactly is Halloween about a TURKEY? CHANGE THE TYPESET BETWEEN PRODUCTS PEOPLE!!!

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