Tuesday, October 30, 2007


How to play the 100 things contest game:

First, pick a number 1-100.
Write it down.
Next, read through the 100 things post (or just scroll down to the number you picked, I'll never know.)
Leave me a comment with a similar fact about yourself.
No changing your number.
One comment = one entry.
Post about this contest on your blog and get one additional entry (make sure I know you posted).
Let me know someone sent you and you both get an additional entry.
I haven't figured out the prizes yet - keep your pants on.

Here goes:

  1. I am 29 years old, really.
  2. I will turn 30 on March 16th.
  3. I hope to be pregnant shortly thereafter.
  4. Andrew and I hope to have four children.
  5. I have one sibling - a brother.
  6. He is 3 years younger than I am.
  7. Our first pet, a cat named BJ, died a few days ago.
  8. BJ stands for Bob Junior. Bob Original lived in the bus yard where my mom worked. He was run over by a bus. When Bob Jr. started poking around, my mom took him home.
  9. I am much more upset about his death than anyone else the family.
  10. My husband and I have two dogs.
  11. Samantha is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix.
  12. Alice is a miniature Australian Shepard.
  13. Alice barks all day at every little noise.
  14. Our neighbors upstairs say they like it, no one will ever break in.
  15. I think they're lying.
  16. In college, Andrew and I lived in a, let's say, rough neighborhood.
  17. It was cheap.
  18. Our cars only ever got broke into once.
  19. They stole my radio and apparently tried to hot-wire the car but couldn't figure out how.
  20. Once, the kid at the drive through window dropped my friend's mom's change and climbed out of the drive through window to pick it up for me.
  21. My friends mom slowly turned to us and said, "This is why you will all go to college."
  22. I went to Wells College for one year.
  23. Wells was an all-women's college when I attended.
  24. I threw up on my kitchen floor when I found out they were admitting boys to Wells.
  25. I have an Associates degree from the Community College of Rhode Island and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Rhode Island.
  26. I am two courses (statistics and physiology) and a thesis away from having my Master's degree.
  27. I thought about becoming an engineer until I took (and almost failed) Calculus 3.
  28. I have only ever failed one course in my life - Physics 2.
  29. I got an A in Physics 1.
  30. My first ever C was in second grade in handwriting.
  31. Those who have seen my handwriting do not believe this.
  32. Today is my daughter's second birthday.
  33. She calls me Mama.
  34. I had her picture taken professionally ever month for the first 19 months of her life.
  35. She has been accepted by two separate modeling agencies.
  36. We have never actually signed her up for modeling.
  37. People tell me she looks like me, which I find amazing because I think she is breathtaking.
  38. She will be Elmo for Halloween this year.
  39. I will be Arthur.
  40. I am Arthur for Halloween every year. I wear jeans, a white button down shirt, brown shoes, my glasses, and a yellow V-Neck sweater I bought on clearance at the Gap for $10.
  41. I am thinking of making Bear a D.W. costume for next year.
  42. I took sewing lessons three years ago.
  43. I made a skirt that fit me throughout my entire pregnancy.
  44. It was not a maternity skirt.
  45. I let my best friend borrow all of my maternity clothes.
  46. I hope she gives them back soon.
  47. Andrew and I have been married for 5 years.
  48. We had ten people at our wedding, including the two of us and the justice of the peace.
  49. I wore my best friends wedding dress as my something borrowed.
  50. I took it off in the woods to pee before the ceremony.
  51. A hiker stumbled upon me and ran in the opposite direction, tripping over a tree root as he went.
  52. What? He'd never seen a half naked bride peeing in the woods before?
  53. I was an hour late for my own wedding.
  54. So was my husband.
  55. We're rarely on time for anything.
  56. I was born six weeks early.
  57. I like to say I've been making up for that my entire life.
  58. I have four engagement rings.
  59. And two wedding bands.
  60. They're all from my husband.
  61. A boy in high school once gave me a cubic zirconia engagement ring.
  62. I gave it back.
  63. A few days later the boy my best friend liked used it to ask a girl we didn't like to marry him.
  64. They're still married.
  65. I don't know if she still wears my rejected fake ring.
  66. My husband was my second long term boyfriend.
  67. I dated the first for two years starting in 8th grade.
  68. We started seeing each other again in college.
  69. He lied to me, begged my forgiveness, and then never spoke to me again.
  70. I started dating my husband a month later.
  71. He was my boss.
  72. We hated each other when we first met.
  73. When he (finally) asked me out he asked if I was working Wednesday night.
  74. I answered with, "How should I know? You make the schedule."
  75. We saw Live in concert.
  76. It was my first concert.
  77. I also dated my track coach (not the weight coach).
  78. After I graduated from high school.
  79. I think he has a boyfriend now.
  80. To pay for college, I worked as an assistant manager at Bath & Body Works.
  81. I've also worked part time as a lifeguard, girl scout camp counselor, nanny, diet aide, and standardized test monitor.
  82. I've worked as a dietitian for 3 1/2 years now.
  83. At the same hospital where I did my internship.
  84. Last month, I took over the bariatric patients.
  85. Last week, I spoke to a class at a local college about my glamorous life as a dietitian.
  86. Yesterday, I listened to a patient tell me stories about WWII for an hour.
  87. I don't really have that kind of time at work, but how could I leave?
  88. I love it here.
  89. My boss is the best.
  90. I have had bosses who are not the best.
  91. One used to nap in his office every afternoon between 2 and 4pm.
  92. Another would schedule me and my friend Alicia to work every Friday from 11-2pm, even though we were still in high school.
  93. I drive a black Volkswagen Jetta.
  94. It is a 1997.
  95. It has more than 180,000 miles on it.
  96. The air conditioner does not work anymore.
  97. Neither does the cruise control.
  98. Bear gets car sick if we drive more than ten minutes.
  99. My car smells like baby puke.
  100. See why I don't get a new one?


Miss Me said...

Okay- I have to tie 22 and 23 together, since it all "fits". I went to Brescia College at the University of Western Ontario for a year. Brescia College was also a women's college. They would let in male students, but they were only day students. The residences were all women and each floor had it's own NUN! And I'm not even Catholic...! (I'll let you know once I post the link on my blog.)

Cass said...

What a GREAT contest! Love it!
I chose 54, which went with 53 actually- so, about my wedding: I was married in the back yard of my parent's house, and I tripped over a tree root on my way "down the aisle". :)

And you KNOW I'll post on my blog, since I'm a contest 'ho.

Gnat said...

I picked 6. It ties in with 5 so here I go. I have four sisters who are between 11 and 16 years older than me. I have a brother who is 4 years older than me, a step-brother who is 6 years older, and a step-sister who is a year and a half older than me. :) I'm the baby and sometimes it shows. :) Fun contest!! By the way Cass sent me over here. :) I'll post on my blog soon and let you know. Thanks

Bubblesknits said...

Okay, I got 28. The only class I failed was a college credit History class my senior year in high school. Maybe I should have actually gone to the class instead of hopping in the car and grabbing lunch at Milo's with my buddies. lol

Bubblesknits said...

Oh, and Cass sent me! Almost forgot!

Robin said...

My favorite #7...I have a very spoiled cat named Ace, who I've raised from 3 days old. He, his brother & sister were orphaned, they didn't survive but Mr Ace did (he has an ace of spade goatee under his chin...hence the name) When I say he's spoiled...it's beyond belief. He's now 15 years old...my anxiety begins, I want to keep him forever and know that I may only have a few years left. I've been assured by his Dr that his oldest patient was 28 years old, so there's hope that Ace will, under his care, be with me a good long time...I hope. My hubby's been instructed to get sedatives!
Sorry to hear about your "fur-baby"
(I'll be posting later this afternoon)

Nichole said...

Cool contest.
First off, Cass of Shut Up, I'm Counting sent me.
Second, I picked #7. My first dog was named Pedro, we had him when I was a child. He was a chihuhua mix... little fat, barrel of a dog that was MEAN as could be to strangers...

Kat said...

Cass sent me. I chose 26. I am 3 courses into my M.A. in Modern American History. It's soul-suckingly fun. You probably know exactly what I mean by that seeming oxymoron.


Robin said...

I forgot...Cass sent me over!

Tanja said...

Hi again,
I forgot to say that Cass sent me...

Tanja said...

For some reason my first comment didn't post - morning brain, no coffee in hand.
Anyway, I always pick 4, which is why I hope to have four children. I have a 5 year old son and another son who turns one today. Thanks for the contest!

Grace Yaskovic said...

Cass sent me over, and it will be on my blog in 4 minutes I chose #53 for my vast age I have a wedding picture in my album showing me walking down the aisle exactly 22 minutes late!! I can never live it down

~Tonia~ said...

I chose 10

So my husband, son and I have 1 dog (white lab), 2 cats (black), 2 angora rabbits (1 french female, 1 english male), many fish and sea monkeys.

BTW Cass from Shut Up I'm Counting sent me.

Tanja said...

By the way, I posted the contest on my blog. Thanks again!

jennsquared said...

First, Robin from the Knittin' Coop sent me over.

I picked #3 - Well, My soon to be husband and I hope to have babies soon after we get married. Although we don't really care about the whole needs to be married first thing, but I do like to fit into my wedding gown. I hope to have twins - one boy, one girl - so I can get the pain over with.

Cate said...

47 - Mr. No Sheep and I have been married 7 years.
I came over from Cass's blog (Shut up, I'm counting)

Yarn Devil said...

76-My first Concert was the Irish Rovers. I went with my mom and my very special late grandma. We had lots of fun and even got autographs at the end... Was a damn good show.

Cass(shut up, I'm counting) sent me and I shall be posting this one on my blog any minute now... Very cool contest! Love how you set it up!

Eclectic_VT said...

Hi Megan! Interesting contest, AND my first contest, so i will be posting about it on my blog. I came her by way of Cass's blog...I'm a loyal fan..*LOL*

Anyway, I chose #75. When My husband and I were first married, we were stationed in NorfolkVirginia. Days after we found out that we were expecting our first child, we went to see Garth Brooks live in concert. Interestingly enough...never knowing about the concert, Garth Brooks is my son's favorite country artist.!!!!

marie in vermont

Gnat said...

I posted on my blog!! :)

LaVerna said...

#4 I had hoped to have 4 children.My husband decided after #3 that he would have to go to jail for murder if I conceived a fourth.I am not very nice when I am pregnant.So he says.So I got 3 babies and he got a nice vasectomy.I think I got the better end of the deal.

Yvette Carte-Blanche said...

this is great :D i choose 93. I used to drive a very old renault 19, but i give it to some charity associations in gambia, so now i don't have a car. i have nikes and i ride in the metro! weeeeee :S

I was sent here by cass, from shut up i'm counting blog ;)

you go girl!!

Leslie said...

I picked 26 - I have a master's in medical and biological illustration - kind of a weird one! Good luck finishing yours! I followed a link here from shutupimcounting :)

FaeryCrafty said...

I picked 22...I went to a community college that we all called Harvard on the Highway. Even though it's been about 7 years since I have been, I just heard someone call it that today. Some things never change :)

PS Cass sent me.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Holy SmokesI picked my favorite #.---#6. MY own natural brother (only natural sibling also) was 3 years younger than me too!
I'm posting a link to your contest on my blog, and Robin (http://www.knittincoop.blogspot.com) sent me to you.

Moriah said...

I picked 26...I'm 2.5 years from getting to stick an MD at the end of my name...and then at least 3 years before I get to be a fully liscensed doctor.

Nicola said...

Cass from Shut Up I'm Counting told me to visit. I picked the one about your wedding - I had 5 people at my wedding. Me, husband, registrar, and a married couple who were our witnesses. We got married in St Lucia in the Caribbean with a Weddings in Paradise package. We didn't tell any family or friends until we got back home.

Word Smythe said...

He's 4 years younger than me, lol.

Anonymous said...

89. I have a wonderful boss too. Very understanding of family and working around each employees needs.

Boring, I know.......

Cass at Shut Up I'm Counting sent me here. Blame her.

Alaina said...

Great contest.

I came over from Cass....

I loved your 100 things - made me smile more than once...

I pick number 1...cause we share a March birthday...I will turn 45 on March 29th.

I will post your contest on my blog.

Happy 100th post!!!


teabird said...

#30. This is so funny - I got terrible grades in handwriting when I was in elementary school - it's funny because I'd been writing since I was 3. The teachers hated my writing because it was printing. Still is, half the time!

Congratulations on the 100th!

Tea Leaves

Amanda said...

88 - I'm so jealous that you have a job that you love. I can only hope to find that one day.

Chris said...

#56 I was born close to my due date June 7 at 8:05 P.M. while my uncle was graduating from highschool. I read about this on barnknit http://barknknit.blogspot.com/ I am going to post this on my blog and link to your site. my blog is

Devonshire said...

So I'm posting twice, because I made a boo boo. I used to live in Rhode Island - it is a great state.
#26 - I have thought about getting a masters, but don't know if I could give up my knitting time again. Nancy sent me and I will post on my blog. Yeah for your 100 things post - good stuff!

Lisa said...

Ok, Grace from Loving Comfort Knits sent me. I picked #52 - What? He didn't know that a perfectly normal female can laugh so hard that she snorts like a full grown hog?

sophanne said...

Found you through Knittin Coop (Robin?)
I dated the first for two years starting in 8th grade.-

Even considering dating anyone in 8th grade turned me red-faced, embarassed and sweaty.

So glad husband is fond of that look- just kidding!

bethc said...

#40 - I will be Minnie Mouse, I am always Minnie Mouse, I paid far to much for the costume to be anything else!

Gnat of Bark 'n Knit sent me over!

Lisa said...

Four is my lucky number and it ties in with Five. I am the oldest of four children. I have two brothers and one sister. One of my brothers is 15 months younger than me and the other brother is three years younger than me. My sister is seven years younger.

I'm sorry about BJ. I have such a huge soft spot for cats.

Happy Second Birthday Bear!

You bet I'll post on my blog!

JustApril said...

#7 - Our first pet was names Xena(dog) and she died 3 years ago in December from a mammary cancer =( and I was depressed about it for several months.

I saw your contest on http://luvtoknitandmuchmore.blogspot.com

I'll post about it today, too.

mari said...

I have come over from Cass's blog.
I chose #5.
I have two sisters. One older and one younger.

I will be posting your contest on my blog, of course.

Pixiepurls said...

i picked 22, I went to Jr college, dropped a bunch of classes the second semester, applied to art school. Got my AA from art school WAY to expensive for a BA. Started working and then had a my nice big corp company I worked for pay for my BA! I had a 2.7 in HS, but somehow I was Cum Loude with my BA!

I got here from here: http://aprilandattitude.blogspot.com/

Becky said...

My number was 7. The first pet I remember having was a black cat named Inky. I was very small. The first dog I remember was a half Dalmatian named Daisy. I was 3, and I remember she loved to sleep on my mom's round throw pillow.

I'm going to go post about you on my blog right now.

knittchick said...

okay!!!!! i chose #2, just randomly.

your birthday is the same as my mothers. Your birthday is now in my mind.

Happy 1ooth!!!

I will post on my blog in about 5 minutes.

knittchick said...

hi! i just posted about your contest on my blog!!

evergreenknits said...

I LOVE your story about the hiker finding you in the woods before your wedding!

I picked 28, but I don't really have a good story that relates. So I'll go back to the wedding thing -- I got married in the woods too! It was in the forest behind our house.

I found you through the "My Obsession with Perfect Knitting Blog," and I'll post about this contest on WiKnit, my knitting contest blog

CynicalGal said...

Lisa from http://rubyringz.blogspot.com/
sent me.

Contests are so much fun...I picked 82 # I've worked as a dietitian for 3 1/2 years now.

I've worked as a social worker for 8 years now.

I'll post the contest on my blog right now.

J. Denae said...

I drive a Ford Explorer. It's a 1996. The A/C and cruise control work, but the driver's side window doesn't roll down and the front passenger-side seatbelt is broken.

Flora Jane said...

Oh my, I think I love prizes more than anyone else. Really. Yours would bring me such joy and giddy bliss. Cass from Shut Up I'm Counting sent me. Now for the meaty part. Lucky Number 9 . . . oh my, pet death. I remember my beloved black miniature schnauzer dying when I was a girl. But now I'm all grown up with another schnauzer (this one salt and pepper). She's 12 -- I got her when I was 24, now I'm 36. This dog has been through lots with me, including two babies. So I know she won't live forever, or even realistically for that many more years (though she's spry and manages to bark all day, like your dog). I know that sweet Harvey dog's death will hit me hard, but I do worry more about how my kids will take it. I found a little note in an envelope just the other day: "Harvey I Heart U" with a drawing of a bone. Oh, pet love and death. --Nancy (nancywalters44@hotmail.com)

Aura said...

My first sweater I knitted compulsively. I did not see the reason for a swatch. When I was done I had a sweater too large for my 6'3", 250 lb ex-boyfriend. I could not even give it away. All that yarn and hours of knitting wasted. Before the time I was willing to frog. Now I swatch!!

Aura said...

oh, I picked # 43!

Chicago Sarah said...

Cynical Knitting Girl sent me. :)

I picked 56. And, I'm a three week early girl myself. The doc told Mom I was a 10 pound baby boy. Oops, I was a 9 pound 3 week early baby girl. That was probably the last time I was early (#57 tie in). :)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

My eye fell on #4; you hope to have 4 children one day.

We do have four children; one daughter (17) and three sons (13, 11 and 7 months) It is fun, but also difficult, promising, challenging and rewarding to give them all, each on the time given the love and attention they need. A full time job... but I would not miss it in the world.

Awesome Mom said...

#28 I got a D twice in Organic Chemistry. I gave up after that and changed my major.

Carrie Penny said...

24) about a week after I got out of the hospital last summer I puked in front of my land lord when he came to get our rent money.

I'll post this when 'i get home from work

msrib said...

i picked 12.. but i've never had an Australian Shepard... I had a German Shepard though. and loads of beagles.

i come over from Cass' blog and loved reading about you on your list!

Karen said...

I picked 75. I don't know who "Live" is and I've never been to a concert (unless you count going to see the Cincinnati Pops or my daughter's high school band concerts). So, I don't have anything in common with it.

K. Anne said...

let's see...i picked 46. to go with that, I gave all of my maternity clothes to a friend, she ended up not being pregnant, did not give the clothes back, and ended up moving so i couldn't get them back! lol...and now i wish i could get them back! i will post a link to your contest on my blog: http://roavings.blogspot.com. i read about your contest at http://knittincoop.com. :)

Tami said...

I don't know what numbers they are, but I have 2 dogs. A boxer named cinnamon and a labmation named booboo. They're the best bed warmers you could ask for!

ponyknit said...

Just linked here from my blog :) I entered my answer yesterday.
Happy Halloween!
Bear have a costume picked out?

K8 said...

Very cool contest :) I chose 88 - I don't actually love it here (though I don't hate it) I've been thinking about moving alot lately....mainly to somewhere I can get more use out of my sweaters!

Cass sent me over, and I've posted here

Martha said...

27...how funny, because I have the same type of story. Thought I would be a Chemical Engineer until I took my first Organic Chemistry class and my first Chemical Engineering class (my second year of college). Ah well, life goes on...

Oh, and K8 sent me here.

Spinningfishwife said...

26. I have a Masters degree in Ecology.

And Robin from http://www.knittincoop.blogspot.com/ told me to come here.

Turtle said...

38: My daughter will be a dark gothic/renaissance woman. She will even be wearing my wedding dress (hubby and i did a gothic grave yard wedding in vegas as a renewal on our 13th)We are a lot alike!

I am mentioning your blog on my ( http://turtleslakeknitting.blogspot.com/)site and i was referred by Chris from "stumbling over chaos".

Miss Me said...

posting link to your contest on my blog - i'm having a blast reading your comments! please don't bother to tell me what that might say about me...

Jenny said...

I chose 17. "It was cheap" My version is "I live acrossed from a golf course, unfortunately it is not cheap. I was sent here by Gnat at http://barknknit.blogspot.com/

gradschoolknitter said...

I went with #37 in which you talk about people telling you your daughter looks like you. Everyone says that I look like a mixture of my parents (go figure). Mostly my mom's features with my dad's colouring. My bf says it's freaky to see my mom, my nana, myself and my little sister all at the same table, all talking at once. It's like 4 generations of the same person (my sister is 8 years younger so it's almost a generational gap).

I got here through K8.

Rachel said...

I like your idea for a contest...I've been catching up on some blog reading and found your link through quite a few blogs...don't remember who was first to give them credit...sorry!

I chose #25. Very fitting at the moment. I have a BS in Animal Science from University of Kentucky, a MS in Wildlife Resources from University of Idaho and am currently slogging away taking classes away from home and hubby in pursuit of a PhD from Washington State University in Wildlife. Some day I'll stop and get a real job :)

sharon said...

I picked 77 - I dated kevin and his brother mike. (at separate times though)

Kathy said...

Came from Wiknits contest blog.

Okay #10. My husband, daughter, son and I have one golden retriever, and 3 rescue cats. (one is all white and deaf)

Fun contest

ikkinlala said...

#39: I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. When certain people asked me about this, I claimed to have dressed up as my evil twin and pretended to be offended that they hadn't noticed.

ikkinlala said...

Oops! Sorry for the extra post; I forgot to mention that I got here from Yarn devil's blog.

Kaylee said...

I picked #75... and I've seen Live in concert, too. It was a great show, except it was outside in 100+ weather in Austin. And the lead singer really rocked that nearly bald look.

Linking to you on my blog :)

hopalong682003 said...

I picked 48. We were also married by a JP...for a total of 4...including the two of us, the JP, and his secretary. That was 18 years ago last Friday. Not bad for a teeny tiny wedding. :-)

I've posted on this on my blog.

And, I found you through WiKnit at http://wiknit.blogspot.com/

Heddy said...

I picked #62 -- I was given a mini diamond ring by a boy when I was in 10th grade ... a promise ring. I was so proud of it (although I don't know why I accepted it, I didn't like him that much, and certainly had no intentions of marrying him -- but it was a ring, with a diamond!)
All my friends were amazed by the ring, as none of them had ever been given a diamond by a boy, and I remeber being afraid to tell my Mom that the boy gave me a ring.

A mean "friend" told me that the ring was one that the boy had given his previous girlfriend, who gave it back when she dumped him. She dumped him for giving her a ring. I never felt the same about it again.

I still have it, the ring, but the boyfriend -- LONG, L:ONG gone!

Heddy said...

I've linked to your contest on my blog.

Alysia said...

in response to # 5, I have one sibling too, a sister :)

TheBlackSheep said...

I was sent here by Mariknits (http://mariknits.blogspot.com/).

#77 - Can't say I have a similar fact. I did have a crush on one of the teachers at my primary school once, but that's the closest I get.

Michele said...

Funny 100 things! I picked #53 that you were an hour late to your own wedding.

I was on time but everyone else was late to my wedding. My family was not from around my area and apparently there are 2 exits with the same street and they all got off on the wrong one. And my dad was MIA until the last minute. I almost walked myself down the aisle. Wedding are fun...

Michele said...

BTW Heddy sent me here :-)

Laurie said...

I picked 93. My husband has a green Jetta. He comes from a long line of volkswagon drivers. It doesn't smell like baby puke though- it smells MUCH worse! I cannot drive his car at all without feeling instantly ill! I drive a Honda CRV when it's just me and the kids or a Ford Winstar when it's all 6 of us. And we have a Ford pickup as well. It's like a used car lot in our driveway and it drives me insane-two drivers should have TWO cars! Great contest idea, must;ve taken forever to write out 100 facts.

Ariel said...

What a great 100 things.

I'll go with #47 - David and I have been married for 22 years and lived together for 5 years before that. #48 - He and I were the only people at our wedding. We got married by a Justice of the Peace and his wife was our witness.

http://hopalong682003.livejournal.com/9754.html send me over. :-)

Lyndsey-Jane said...

number 31 (today is my 31st bday) My handwriting divides opinion, some love it others hate it. I have a theory about bad handwriting and scientist (all my friends with bad handwriting are scietists of science students) it is so nobosy can read notes from experiments and steal our ideas, so when we discover something REALLY important it can't be plagerised.

gina said...

Hi there,
I came here through April K's blog. The number I chose is #28. When I was in grade nine I failed French. I ended up going to summer school and passed with a great mark. I think the reason I failed was because my friend and I talked too much during class!! Thanks for the great contest.

Katie said...

I dated my boss too! But I didn't marry him. (71)

Cass sent me!

Theresa said...

84. I work in a Navy hospital. I hear WWII stories all day long.

Lady Wentworth said...

Hi- my name is Megan too!

I chose 25 & 26.

I've got a BA in Anthropology from San Diego State University, and I'm a thesis short from finishing my Master's in Public archaeology at California State University Northridge.

Betsy (hopalong682003) had a link on her blog.

kasiaiscarly said...

I chose #30. . . My first and only C was my sophomore year of college. Physics 240 - Electricity and Magnetism. The only thing that prevented this from being lower is that the tests were multiple choice!

Donna said...

I picked 77 and did think about changing it but here goes...I dated my husband's roommate for 2 months before I made a move on my husband. He had the best legs I ever saw on a guy. He was playing tennis a lot and always wore tennis shorts. He thinks he made the first move but we all know how that is done-right! Cynical knitting gal sent me over. Fun contest and congrats on your 100th post.

adrienne said...

#5- i have two brothers. what an interesting contest.

Mary said...

#26, I am 2 courses away from my bachelor of science in accounting, if I can ever put down the knitting and start studying. What can I say, the yarn calls my name every time that silly management book comes out of the backpack.

fluffyknitter said...

#91. Years ago I had a boss who was very unusual and he would watch Oprah in his office. Gonna go post the contest on my blog now!

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I picked question 25

I also went to a community college and got my Chef degree from Bucks County Community College. And want to complete my bachelors degree sometime in the future. I will post you link on my blog

Eileen said...

I chose #22. I didn't go to college.

Chris from http://luvtoknitandmuchmore.blogspot.com/ sent me.

Jennifer said...

#72...I did not hate my husband when I met him. And he heard me sing before he heard me speak, actually. :)

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Mariknits sent me.

#20 - You know, once the guy at the Sunkin Donuts drive through in Florida dropped my change and made no effort to get it. I ended up getting out and picking it up from an oily spot.

twoaugustgirls.com said...

#7 My dog of 14 years Blake died ayear ago this month...he was a beautiful golden lab that was the sweetest dog in the world.
I have posted a link on my page to your contest.

twoaugustgirls.com said...

oh yes Nancy frm NJ sent me.

crazzybunny said...

Number 11. I have 17 dogs. Black Jack (mutt), Gideon (Dasch/Chi mix), Kaiser (GSD), Partner (mostly Lab), Fifa (Yorkie), Mike (Yorkie... pronounced Meeka), Aigo (Rat Terrier/Shih Tzu mix), Josie (JRT mix), the Standard Poodles: Lady, Blacky, Bonnie, Dalton, Sheila. Also a St Poodle pup and a Yorkie pup (just born) that will be used in the breeding programs.

I got this from the WiKnit blog and am posting it on my blog (www.spinknitup.blogspot.com).

R a i n said...

#7 - Two of my lovely hamster (Ed and Binky) died about three weeks ago. I miss them terribly.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

11- My two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are named Bailey and Puddles (dad named her!). Sorry to hear about your cat.

Great idea for a contest! Spinknitup sent me here!

Mira said...

Number 5 - I have one sibling - a sister.

Rain from http://rainyknits.blogspot.com referred me to this contest.

Ursula said...

42 - The only real sewing I've done was when I was about 13. I used to make summer shorts every year but for some reason I don't disclose that anymore. Maybe I've become afraid of the sewing machine?

Ursula said...

Oh yeah... and Spinknitup sent me here and I've posted a link on my blog at http://shethinksshecan.blogspot.com

km said...

I chose #32, because that's how old I am...today (Nov 6th) is my son's 6th b-day. Happy birthday to your little girl. I came over from Ursula's...but I think I saw this contest on Miss Me's blog first...just wasn't up to commenting that day.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

I picked #8 which went with # 7 and it is a # that relates to your 8th fact,but it is also a popular # in births in my family,my DD born 18th, DS born 28th, DGC born, 8th, 28th,and in the 8th month and DH and I born on the 4th added makes 8, just trivia...anyways back to your 8th fact, I found a puppy who I named Princess that wandered onto my front porch and she was so adorable I had to keep her, she died last year at the age of 11 she turned out to be a huge dog and very lovable. I will post to my blog now...

Melanie said...

I picked 36 which goes along with the couple before...My oldest daughter has been dancing since she was 3 yrs. old. She wanted to dance on Broadway. That has since changed but she is still dancing...all the time....everywhere. She has had one professional photo which turned out great...I think she could be a model but I'm the Mom and that makes me biased. lol
Will post a link to your contest on my blog as well.
I was sent your way by Chrissy at

Wendy said...

48....There was myslef, husband, his father, both my parents, my sister and her daughter, my brother, his sister and her 2 kids, his half brother, half brother and his wife, and his half sister and her husband. That is all we had at our wedding.. It was at the civic center in the gazebo, we di have a minister that we had to pay $140 for. And thank God the gazebo was big, because boy did it "storm" I said "I do" and at that same moment, it thundered so loud it shook the gazebo.
The video shows me cringing.
The dress I wore, I had worn to my cousins wedding 2 years before, it was a very soft pink brocade, short (to knees) and short sleeved.

Rena said...

53- I hate to be late. I drive my family nuts with trying to get everyone ready and being there early!

Debbie said...

#76 - My first concert was in 1975??. My brother and I went to the local ice arena and saw Steppenwolf. I remember thinking that the only song I knew was Magic Carpet Ride. What a great memory. Debbie

Jess said...

6 is my number. My little sister, is in fact, six years younger than me.

I was sent by Wiknits. :D

carole said...

47 cuz I'm 47 years old.

DH and I have been married 8.5 years today!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sjrebello said...

Yeah so this could be a stand up comedian act Meg!! Seriously!


Heatherly said...

#18- i loose my car keys ALOT. but when my hubby worked with youth and i locke dthem in the car, there was always a kid around who knew how to break into it and get my keys out for me