Saturday, September 15, 2007

THIS is why I sign up for swaps!

The sight of a package with my name on it on my front porch. This is what was inside:

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Blues/Greens Potluck with a pattern for waterfall socks. A cuff knitted by my SP in handdyed Superwash Merino. And a wire knitted pendant necklace with dyed jade beads. Oh, and two packages of sour patch kids that didn't live long enough to make into the picture.

Thanks SP!! I can't wait to try out that sock yarn. AND I wore the necklace out last night and got TONS of compliments on it. Good job!


Miss Me said...

nice! i've been packing up swap packages today. hopefully my downstream sp pal will have her package by the end of the week. she's getting cherry tree hill yarn, too! and its what i used for my sock it to me pal. love it!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, that yarn is beautiful. You can see the nice shine that it has to it through the picture.

I was supposed to take a yarn dyeing class with the person who owns CTH yesterday, but I'm sick. What a bummer for me - I love thir yarns!

Joan said...

Great swag!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

SO glad that you like the package, Megan! I'm already coming up with things to put in your next one... :) Have a great week!

*your SP

Lisa said...

LOVE that yarn! I can't wait to see it become the socks! I just love getting jewlery too. Sounds like a great package and a great way to end the week!