Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I have joined Stashalong, and honestly, I think my husband is more excited about this than I am (it's tough to get psyched about a yarn diet). I am, however, looking forward to clearing out some storage space for new stash. :-)

I choose to play by the original rules, starting July 1 and ending August 31 (for now). My goal is to complete several WIP's and several that have been languishing in "On my mind" land for quite some time now. In no particular order...

1. Finish the Debbie Bliss striped hoodie for Bear.
2. Finish the Rowan Flame Halter and Cowl tops for myself.
3. Finish the Honeymoon Cami for Jen.
4. Make progress on the Roundabout leaf top.
5. Finish socks and washcloth for swap.
6. Start to-be-determined sweater from Fitted Knits for myself.

I think that's ambitious enough for summer time, don't you?

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Megan!

I did the "Knit from your Stash" a few months ago, and got my stash down to 7 balls (it was at 50 or so when I started). The first step was to take all the stuff that was cheap acrylic and donate it to a local charity group. Then I made a bunch of projects that were little and rewarding which used up several balls.

If you think there is yarn that you will never use and you can bear to part with it, you could sell it - or have a contest and use it as a giveaway.

I am happy to say that my stash is rebuilding - but it's a beautiful stash which I couldn't bear to part with any of it right now!