Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Socks on Two Sticks (sort of...)

I started the "Start Here" sock from Cat Bordhi's book with the yarn that my sock swap pal sent. My gauge is a little off (4.5"/28 sts instead of 4") but I decided to keep going for practice - and because I don't have two circulars in smaller needles - for some reason my LYS wasn't open at 9pm last night when I discovered the problem. I'm following the sts for the woman's medium but I think I'll follow the "knit for x inches" for the men's size and gift the socks to my brother for Christmas.

About 1.5" of progress - 4" to go until the real fun begins.

So far I really like this method of knitting in the round. It's fairly simple and I don't have ladders running down the sides of my work like I do when I use dpn's. I have made one small mistake. I turned my work and went back instead of continueing around for two rows so I have a small hole there. I'll just seem that up with the extra yarn from casting on when I'm done knitting the sock.

Small hole where I turned my work instead of knitting in the round. Easily fixed.

This is not as traumatic as I thought it was going to be. :-)

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ponyknit said...

I am sure Juju will wish there was someone to share his modeling responsibilities. He may ask you if Bear has an hourly rate :) just kidding... My niece and nephews are in florida, so he's a bit discouraged!