Friday, July 6, 2007


In taking inventory of my stash, I found a few (OK more than a few, you have them too) sad, sad, skeins of yarn that I would never, in my right mind, have purchased - most of them hand-me-downs from my non-knitting friends (and their dearly departed relatives). I have knitting books where there is not a single pattern I would ever waste time (or yarn) making. Which led, in my warped mind, to the things I have wasted time making. That first sweater where I didn't take time to check my gauge. The infant star sweater that languished in "On the Needles" land for far too long and ended up with a 6-12 month body and 0-6 month sleeves.

For this contest, I want to know about your worst knitting disaster. Accidentally seamed the sleeve to the body? Knit 3/4 of a sweater using two different sized needles? Pictures are a definite plus. I'll pick the best stories and have my blog reading masses (we all have dreams) vote on the winners. All entries must be received via comment or email by 11:59pm EST July 20, 2007.

Now for the prizes...

First Prize
+ 3 skeins Cascade 220 (enough to make this)

Second Prize

Third prize
Five (yet to be made - see picture of beads below) stitch markers


Rebekka said...

I made a sweater by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. It was my fisrt real sweater since the horrid one I made when I was eight or so and It was so beautiful. I did it in a blue yarn but parents had gotten me and it was just perfect.

Of course, it did take a while. Quite a while. But finally it was done.

I blocked the pieces, I seamed the pieces, I tried it on in the bathroom - and I went back to the livingroom and put it in a bag because I just didn't have the heart to start frogging it right away.

I had apparently gained a little bit of weight over those months. Not a lot, but it seemed to have concentrated on my chest region. And the design of the sweater was - to begin with - probably not really suitable for someone of my build. Extra inches right there didn't work at all.

It was a sad, but educational day. Mostly sad though.

NH Knitting Mama said...

This is a fantastic contest! Unfortunately, I have not YET had any complete knitting disasters. My OCD nature makes me do gauge swatching and measuring like a mad woman. I'm not talking about things the normal knitter would do - I get NUTS about doing these things.

I can't wait to read all the stories, though. Can I link it on my blog for you?

Cass said...

What if you are such a great knitter that you have no disasters?

Woudn't that be swell?

I finally decided to knit something for myself. A cute tank top, periwinkle yarn, totally ME. Yay. I chose an ambitious and poorly written pattern, but I had faith in myself. (snort) When I got to the armhole shaping, I read the pattern wrong no less than 6 times, knitting and frogging for days. Checked the site for errata and found none. Tried over and over, but never did get it right. By the time I cried UNCLE and tossed it aside in disgust, itw as misshapen and unrecognizable. It's still sitting in my "never will be finished" box. Not very dramatic, I know. But it was very traumatic for sure! :)

Rachel said...

I made the cowl neck sweater from Stitch and Bitch, it came out slightly too big and the sleeves way too long. At this point, I did not know I could rip back the sleeves. I had previously made a sweater coat that came out too big and for some fluke reason washed it in the washing machine and it felted slightly to just the perfect size. So I decided to try this with the cowl sweater, of course it didn't work, the body felted to be the size for like a 6 year old, while the sleeves somehow got even longer - I guess it's a sweater for a gorilla baby now. It's sitting in my closet still, I keep thinking I will cut it up into something useable.

Laurie said...

Wow I have too many to even count, but I chose my three worst. I posted photos and info on each project on my blog.
I didn't know how to add pictures in comments. And I'll e-mail the whole post as well.

Laurie said...
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Debbi said...

When the French Market bag was all the rage I decided to make one for my mom as a gift. I didn't like the plain pattern so I decided to create a pattern in the middle. Needless to say, the middle felted quite a bit and the top not so much so now I have a yellow and green Mad Hatter Hat. I am still looking for it to take a picture of it. I have used it during demos on what NOT to do when you felt something.

Miss Me said...

okay - i may have to come back and add more later. i need to try and find the magazine so i can get a picture. back in 1987, i knit a lovely sweater from vogue knitting. it was designed by addrienne vittadini. long sleeved, sort of boatish neck, lots of texture, in cotton. it was very pretty! and i had knit a tension swatch so it was PERFECT! at least to start with... remember i said texture? well the texture varied across the sweater. it was sort of geometric blocks of various different textures. there were eyelets and bobbles and bell stitches... it was loads of work and it was GORGEOUS!!! however, the textures meant that there were lots more stitches than might be apparent in some areas. this meant that the left side was considerably heavier than the right side. it stretched. and stretched. AND STRETCHED! about the point where it was 6 inches longer on the left, i frogged it in disgust. i was convinced that if i knit it just a little bit tighter it would be fine. was i right? who the heck know. it remains as a ufo somewhere in my storage room in a rubbermaid tote! RIP lopsided sweater.

Alaina said...

I posted a picture on my blog of the first (and only) pair of slippers that I attempted for myself...I have no idea what I did wrong - but well , there is no way they fit me.... check it out: