Sunday, July 29, 2007


Before I anounce the winners... there is another contest out there that ends today. You need to name this colorway

And follow these rules:

"NAME THAT COLORWAY" RULES: 1. First, come up with the perfect colorway name. Jokesters might gain extra merit, as long as it's to good humor. Post on
THIS post's comment page ONLY!! Thanks. :) 2. Post these rules on your blog
& your colorway idea. That way, no one will use something like it, by mere
freak accident. Who ever finds out about this contest on your blog must refer
you on this comment page below, before participating in the contest. (This is
kind of like Lotus' Knits contest idea. But we will use a poll too...)-->If you see your name (or blog address) on my comment page below, you can add another colorway name idea! The more referrals for you, the better! Good luck to you all! 3. The top 3 best names will be put on a poll, so you all can vote! 4. Contest ends: Sunday, July 29th @ midnight!

My submission: Punky Brewster

Also, NH Knitting Mama is hosting a contest at her blog as well. Knit up her Mandy's Candy Bag and post a picture.

Now, onto the winners of the worst knitting disasters contest:

  1. Laurie's super-large felted mitten.
  2. Miss Me's textured cotton sweater.
  3. Rachel's cowl-neck sweater (I too made this sweater, and it ended up with REALLY REALLY long arms. Sold the yarn in "sweater form" on ebay in disgust.)

Ladies, send me your addresses so I can send out your yummy prizes ASAP.


Jen C said...

PC answer Sugar Pixies, first thought answer Pixies on Acid. :-}

NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for the link!

I loved your contest. The pics were great - the mitten made me laugh SO HARD!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

You've been nominated for the poll... go cast your vote! :)