Sunday, July 1, 2007


I decided Thursday night that I was going to knit Zodiac for one of my co-workers. Her shower was last night and miracle of all miracles, she was given a completed project. No purse-in-progress as some of my cousins got Christmas '05, no construction paper model of what was yet to be as some other cousins received Christmas '06. Nope she got an honest to goodness FO. And look how happy she is about it...

Geraldine, showing off the Zodiac sleep sack.

I used the leftovers from last Christmas' 11th Hour Hats (a sad, sad, theme lately, using up all the leftovers - i.e. stash - mean, rotten husband and his stupid, responsible budget). And despite being various shades of gray, I rather like the way it came out.

Zodiac Sleep Sack, size 0-3 months, done in shades of gray sans the zodiac sign.

Especially the super cute buttons Laura helped me pick out. (Thanks for talking me out of plain white baseballs!)

Super-cute frog face buttons add a touch of playfulness and color.

In fact, this was so quick and easy to knit up that I think I'm going to make a few more, as it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. I really wouldn't change anything about the pattern. It's knit in the round, the shoulders are done with a three needle bind off, the arm & neck edges are done with an attached I-cord (no crocheting and no sewing!), and my local tailor only charges $3.30 for attaching the zipper and buttons (zipper included!).


NH Knitting Mama said...

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself for stash-busting! I did that a while back and cleared out a lot of stuff. Now there is room (and money after a strict yarn diet) for more goodies.

You can always participate in contests on knitting blogs to win yarn!

Cass said...


Miss Me said...

Very cute! And grey looks great on babies. I hear you about *mean* husbands... Mine doing the same to me, but yes, I do have enough yarn that I won't die of fibre starvation.