Friday, June 29, 2007

Warning: Written VERY LATE AT NIGHT under the influence of CHOCOLATE FROSTING

Bear's sweater has officially been sent to the Frog Pond. It's just such a monstrosity, and being midnight I am too tired to think clearly so, off with it's (2 inch) head.

In other knitting nonsense - I have joined yet ANOTHER TWO knitting adventures that will add buttons to my sidebar (ever see Office Space? I've almost reached the bare minimum! Ha!). There are TWO MORE knitting adventures that I want to join, but that requires too much effort and concentration at this hour. It will have to wait until tomorrow. After the sugar shock (and nausea, when did the chocolate turn bad?) wears off.

I'm almost done the zodiac baby bag for tomorrow's baby shower - who throws a shower at 5pm on a Saturday night? Nurses, that's who. And I am such a social butterfly that I didn't have to cancel any plans to attend. My one year old has a better social life than I do.

I'm going to bed to let my pancreas clean up this mess. Shinier seas tomorrow and all that.

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