Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Knitting for the Future

In the passenger's seat on the way to and from Pennsylvania I started making a sweater for Bear. I guessed at the size, 28 inches, which is about 8 years too big for Bear (oops!). I made a swatch in stockinette stitch, did a little math, and cast on 14 inches worth of stitches. I thought I'd make it a little more interesting and started browsing the stitch dictionary I had with me. The stitch I chose knits up at about 8 sts/inch, a lot tighter than the 4.5 sts/inch my calculations were based on. SO I decided that instead of using my piece from the bottom up as just the back I would knit one long piece and use it horizontally as both front and back. A good plan. Except that when I finally got back to civilization (and Internet access) I realized how incredibly BIG this sweater is going to be. In the ultimate in irony, if I had just kept the piece the way it was and used it as the back, the sweater would have ended up as the right size for Bear. So what to do? Keep going? I have about 20 inches already done, or rip all that work back? If I keep it big, the sweater will fit two of my cousins - another problem - if I give a sweater to one cousin, I have four others that will want sweaters. And really, is Bear going to even want to wear this in 2015? Will it look horribly out of style or will she just not like it because her mom does? I think I'm just going to put it aside and let it simmer for a while.

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