Tuesday, May 29, 2007


*But my scale is broken - really. I put 14 pounds of hand weights on it and it said 14.5. That's only 1/2 pound I know, but it's 3% of the weight - 3% of 166 is 6 pounds. That would make me 160 - down 3.5 pounds instead of up 2.5. I'm going to calabrate the scale tonight & reassess tomorrow. So on to knitting...

One of my new favorite web sites is knitty.com - how did I not know this existed before now?!? The mysterious "Bear's sweater" - the one that is 8 sizes too big - is going to be my first entry to knitty, if I can get it finished in time and then knit it up in a smaller size in yarn that is not @#$%! discontinued. Perhaps some superwash or Andean Silk from knitpicks.

I have also started chasing my daughter around with my camera and dressing her exclusively in the "Hey Mickey" skirt I made her in hopes of submitting a photo to the calendar contest. She's 18 months old and yesterday she actually swatted at the camera and said "Mama, no!" Maybe she can wear something else today. The skirt probably needs to be washed anyway.

Since the rules say the photo may have been previously published on your blog here are a few of my favorites. Any opinions?


Robin said...

That skirt is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

knitten kitten said...

Omigosh you're hey mickey is absotively adorable. Love, love, love the colors and your daughter is a doll. Please send me a pic to post to my gallery! BTW I like the 2nd and 3rd pics best.