Monday, May 21, 2007


I can't believe it's been a whole week...

So, back from No-Man's-Land, PA. The wedding was very nice, and it was great to see all the relatives that we never get to visit with. The TWELVE HOUR RIDE was not as bad as anticipated. It still took TWELVE HOURS to get there Thursday and another TWELVE HOURS to get home Sunday, but both kids were drugged so the whining and the vomiting was minimal.

I did get a lot of knitting done in the car though. I brought some Austermann Juwel yarn (thanks for the fabulous deal LYS) a pair of size 5 needles, and a stitch dictionary. The result is pretty fantastic so far.

And since it's Monday - you'll see that I'm down a pound. Not too bad, I think, for eating most of my meals at rest stops and family buffets for the last four days. I tried to make the best choices possible but it seemed as though the restaurant world was really ganging up on me. For dinner Thursday night I ordered a Country Spinach Salad at Bob Evans - luckily I asked for the "Hot Bacon Dressing" (aka bacon grease from pan) on the side. I tried again Friday at Arby's with a Martha's Vineyard Salad. Salad might be too generous a term for the tossed cheddar cheese and chicken over a very thin bed of wilted lettuce that came in my bowl. I finally gave up and had burgers and fries like everyone else.

My foot is feeling better too, so it looks like Bear and I will finally be able to try out the new back pack carrier. Now that she's home and back on her schedule. For those of you not familiar with an 18-month-old who is out of her element... let's just say that uncaged zoo animals would probably be better behaved. And more welcome at the hotel where we stayed (for the last time ever, I would think). But how can I stay mad at that face...

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